Need Help? Contact me at:
Need Help? Contact me at:
Maintenance Mindset Monthly
...everything you need to know to keep you looking AND feeling your best.
  •  Research Corner - An in-depth overview of a recent study related to long-term weight maintenance.
  •  Outside Expert Opinion - An article (or two) related to the month’s theme written by an expert in the health, fitness, or weight-loss industry.
  •  Coach's Corner - Insightful Discussions for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and other Health Professionals.
  •  Q&A Spotlight - An answer to a popular question from you, or another one of our readers.
  •  Monthly Case Study -An in-depth look at the challenges, frustrations, thoughts, and successes of a 1:1 client of mine.
  •  Surprise Bonus(es) - Each issue will also include a surprise (or two) piece of content!
PLUS 3 incredible bonuses:
  •  “A Dietitian’s Dozen Fat-Loss Tips” eBook
  •  “Become A 5-Percenter” eBook
  •  “Why You’re Primed For Weight Regain After A Diet…And What To Do About It!" Video
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"I'm a little stunned after reading that whole newsletter. Is it possible that you figured out why I've taken the same steps forward and backward over the last 20 years and laid it out in one place? Apparently! As a full-time working mom of two, I've tried everything. I've even tried all of the "healthy" ways and the "workout-more" ways. This issue of Maintenance Mindset Monthly spells out exactly why maintaining my weight and physique can be so darned complicated, filled with many mixed emotions."

-Anu Patel
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